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Annual Registration:
* 360 Gymnastics is open year round with ongoing registration.
* There is a $45 registration/membership fee due for the first child or $75 per family.


Tuition is due on or before the 1st of every month.  

Monthly tuition fees are will be posted on the 20th of every month.  

Tuition received after the 1st of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee.  Unpaid balances will run automatically with a late fee charge after the 1st of the month with your cc on file.  

If tuition is not received on or before the 1st of the month, your account will accrue subsequent late fees every 30 days following the initial late fee and may be reported to credit agencies.

If payment is not received on or before the first class of the month, a $20 held-spot fee will be applied to your account and your child will automatically be dropped from their class.  

A credit card must be on file to register for classes.  If you would prefer to pay with another form of payment or with a different cc than the one we have on file, this must be done prior to the 1st of the month at the front desk or through the Parent Portal.

We accept VISA, MC, check, and cash. If your cc on file is declined, you will be charged a $10 decline fee. There is a $35 fee for all Non-sufficient Funds.

Space in our programs is not guaranteed until payment is received, which means you must pay for a class at the time of enrollment or your child’s spot is not secured. 

Tuition is budgeted on a 48 week year which allows for holiday breaks based on Martin County School Schedule. We do not charge more for “long” months or less for “short months through the year; all 12 months average 4 weeks.

Program tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. 


Makeup classes are offered 1 per month and are based on class availability.

Missed classes must be made up within the same month, unless it is the last class of the month, which can be made up in the 1st week of the new month.

Makeup classes are not honored if your child has withdrawn from the class. 

Makeup classes are not guaranteed, but based on availability.

In some programs, open gym can be used as make-up.

Makeup classes are non-transferable, creditable, or refundable.


Un-enrollments must be submitted in writing by email BEFORE the first of the month to avoid a monthly tuition fee.  Verbal notice will not be accepted. This policy allows for more efficient class management and monthly billing processes.  You will receive an email confirmation of un-enrollment. 

Any notice of un-enrollment received on the 1st of the month or later will result in the full monthly tuition being charged to your account.  No refunds are offered for tuition.

All 360 Competitive Team members must have a current credit care on file to participate.

Gymnastics Attire:

* A leotard is the preferred choice for class, however, your child may wear elastic waist shorts
and a t-shirt as long as they are close fitting to keep from flying up during tumbling. (No snaps or buckles)
* Students do not wear shoes or socks while on the gym floor.


* Hair should be pulled away from the face in a ponytail or braids. Barrettes are ok as long as they cannot easily fall out.

* No necklaces, bracelets or dangling earrings are allowed on the gym floor.

Gym Class Closures

Easter Sunday & Good Friday

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Halloween - no afternoon classes

Thanksgiving Break 2022:  Nov. 23 - 26

Holiday/ Winter Break 2022:  Dec. 19 - Jan 2

Spring Break 2023:  March 13 - 17

360 Camps:

Thanksgiving Camp 2022 – Nov 23

Holiday Camp 2022 – Dec 19 - 23 & Dec 27 - 30

Spring Break Camp 2023 – March 13 - 17

Summer Camp 2023 – May 31 - Aug 4

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