The Xcel program is a national USA Gymnastics program consisting of levels Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These levels allow for personally tailored routines catering to the strengths of the particular gymnast. After the Xcel program is completed, just like in JO, they will move on to the Optional program!

Why Xcel?

At 360 Gymnastics, our goal is to have every child succeed in this sport. Within the Junior Olympics (JO), there are 1-10, with levels 1-5 being compulsory. This means each gymnast must compete the same skills and routines. There is NO flexibility in the skill requirements. Xcel takes a very smart approach to skill development, and allows gymnasts to tailor their routines and highlight their personal talents. What often holds gymnasts back in the JO Compulsory program is one event. This either means the gymnast is held back, or pushed to compete a skill they are not comfortable with. This can cause mental blocks, form bad habits, and prevent future skill development. Instead, Xcel allows gymnasts who are progressing faster in some areas to continue to develop their strengths!


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